Notice of Effectiveness
Washington, D.C. 20549
Notice of Effectiveness
Effectiveness Date: March 16, 2012 10:00 A.M.
Form: S-4
CIK: 0001319161
Company Name: Warner Music Group Corp.
File Number: 333-179167
CIK: 0001309957
Company Name: Warner Special Products Inc
File Number: 333-179167-98
CIK: 0001309956
Company Name: Warner Sojourner Music Inc
File Number: 333-179167-97
CIK: 0001309880
Company Name: Chappell & Intersong Music Group (Germany) Inc
File Number: 333-179167-96
CIK: 0001309874
Company Name: Big Beat Records Inc
File Number: 333-179167-95
CIK: 0001309865
Company Name: Berna Music, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-94
CIK: 0001309864
Company Name: Atlantic/MR Ventures Inc
File Number: 333-179167-93
CIK: 0001309862
Company Name: Atlantic/143 L.L.C.
File Number: 333-179167-92
CIK: 0001309861
Company Name: Atlantic Recording Corp
File Number: 333-179167-91
CIK: 0001309917
Company Name: NC Hungary Holdings Inc
File Number: 333-179167-90
CIK: 0001309937
Company Name: Tommy Valando Publishing Group, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-89
CIK: 0001309982
Company Name: WMG Trademark Holding CO LLC
File Number: 333-179167-88
CIK: 0001309981
Company Name: WMG Management Services Inc
File Number: 333-179167-87
CIK: 0001309978
Company Name: WEA Management Services Inc
File Number: 333-179167-86
CIK: 0001309977
Company Name: WEA International Inc
File Number: 333-179167-85
CIK: 0001309976
Company Name: WEA Inc
File Number: 333-179167-84
CIK: 0001309939
Company Name: TW Music Holdings Inc
File Number: 333-179167-83
CIK: 0001309955
Company Name: Warner Music SP Inc
File Number: 333-179167-82
CIK: 0001309954
Company Name: Warner Music Latina Inc
File Number: 333-179167-81
CIK: 0001309951
Company Name: Warner Music Distribution Inc
File Number: 333-179167-80
CIK: 0001309950
Company Name: Warner Music Discovery Inc
File Number: 333-179167-79
CIK: 0001309949
File Number: 333-179167-78
CIK: 0001309948
Company Name: Warner Domain Music Inc
File Number: 333-179167-77
CIK: 0001309946
Company Name: Warner Bros. Records Inc
File Number: 333-179167-76
CIK: 0001309944
Company Name: Warner Bros. Music International Inc
File Number: 333-179167-75
CIK: 0001309943
Company Name: Warner Brethren Inc
File Number: 333-179167-74
CIK: 0001309942
Company Name: Warner Alliance Music Inc
File Number: 333-179167-73
CIK: 0001309986
Company Name: Walden Music, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-72
CIK: 0001309941
Company Name: W.B.M. Music Corp
File Number: 333-179167-71
CIK: 0001309940
Company Name: Unichappell Music Inc
File Number: 333-179167-70
CIK: 0001309985
Company Name: Wide Music, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-69
CIK: 0001309938
Company Name: Tri-Chappell Music Inc
File Number: 333-179167-68
CIK: 0001309936
Company Name: Tommy Boy Music, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-67
CIK: 0001309935
Company Name: Rhythm Method Inc
File Number: 333-179167-66
CIK: 0001309934
Company Name: T-Girl Music L.L.C.
File Number: 333-179167-65
CIK: 0001309933
Company Name: T-Boy Music L.L.C.
File Number: 333-179167-64
CIK: 0000931401
Company Name: RYKO CORP
File Number: 333-179167-63
CIK: 0001309932
Company Name: Super Hype Publishing, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-62
CIK: 0001309930
Company Name: SR/MDM Venture Inc
File Number: 333-179167-61
CIK: 0001309903
Company Name: FHK, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-60
CIK: 0001309905
Company Name: Foster Frees Music, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-59
CIK: 0001309875
Company Name: Big Tree Recording Corp
File Number: 333-179167-58
CIK: 0001309863
Company Name: Atlantic/MR II Inc
File Number: 333-179167-57
CIK: 0001309980
Company Name: WEA Urban LLC
File Number: 333-179167-56
CIK: 0001529696
Company Name: Atlantic Pix LLC
File Number: 333-179167-55
CIK: 0001309968
Company Name: WB Music Corp
File Number: 333-179167-54
CIK: 0001309962
Company Name: Warner/Chappell Music (Services), Inc
File Number: 333-179167-53
CIK: 0001309961
Company Name: Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp
File Number: 333-179167-52
CIK: 0001309952
Company Name: Warner Music Group Inc
File Number: 333-179167-51
CIK: 0001309947
Company Name: Warner Custom Music Corp
File Number: 333-179167-50
CIK: 0001309931
Company Name: Summy-Birchard, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-49
CIK: 0001529672
Company Name: Roadrunner Records Inc.
File Number: 333-179167-48
CIK: 0001529671
Company Name: J. Ruby Productions, Inc.
File Number: 333-179167-47
CIK: 0001529673
Company Name: Six-Fifteen Music Productions, Inc.
File Number: 333-179167-46
CIK: 0001529676
Company Name: T.Y.S., Inc.
File Number: 333-179167-45
CIK: 0001529677
Company Name: All Blacks U.S.A., Inc.
File Number: 333-179167-44
CIK: 0001529679
Company Name: 615 Music Library, LLC
File Number: 333-179167-43
CIK: 0001529680
Company Name: Artist Arena International, LLC
File Number: 333-179167-42
CIK: 0001529694
Company Name: Artist Arena LLC
File Number: 333-179167-41
CIK: 0001529697
Company Name: Ferret Music Holdings LLC
File Number: 333-179167-40
CIK: 0001529701
Company Name: Ferret Music Management LLC
File Number: 333-179167-39
CIK: 0001529702
Company Name: Ferret Music Touring LLC
File Number: 333-179167-38
CIK: 0001529700
Company Name: Ferret Music LLC
File Number: 333-179167-37
CIK: 0001529705
Company Name: WMG Artist Brand LLC
File Number: 333-179167-36
CIK: 0001529704
Company Name: Warner Music Nashville LLC
File Number: 333-179167-35
CIK: 0001529703
Company Name: P & C Publishing LLC
File Number: 333-179167-34
CIK: 0001540068
Company Name: Atlantic Mobile LLC
File Number: 333-179167-33
CIK: 0001540069
Company Name: Alternative Distribution Alliance
File Number: 333-179167-32
CIK: 0001540070
Company Name: Atlantic Productions LLC
File Number: 333-179167-31
CIK: 0001540071
Company Name: Atlantic Scream LLC
File Number: 333-179167-30
CIK: 0001540072
Company Name: BB Investments LLC
File Number: 333-179167-29
CIK: 0001540073
Company Name: Bulldog Entertainment Group LLC
File Number: 333-179167-28
CIK: 0001540074
Company Name: Bulldog Island Events LLC
File Number: 333-179167-27
CIK: 0001540075
Company Name: Chappell Music Company, Inc.
File Number: 333-179167-26
CIK: 0001540076
Company Name: Choruss LLC
File Number: 333-179167-25
CIK: 0001540077
Company Name: Cordless Recordings LLC
File Number: 333-179167-24
CIK: 0001540078
Company Name: East West Records LLC
File Number: 333-179167-23
CIK: 0001540079
Company Name: EN Acquisition Corp.
File Number: 333-179167-22
CIK: 0001540101
Company Name: FBR Investments LLC
File Number: 333-179167-21
CIK: 0001540102
Company Name: Fueled By Ramen LLC
File Number: 333-179167-20
CIK: 0001540104
Company Name: Lava Records LLC
File Number: 333-179167-19
CIK: 0001540105
Company Name: Made of Stone LLC
File Number: 333-179167-18
CIK: 0001540106
Company Name: Maverick Partner Inc.
File Number: 333-179167-17
CIK: 0001540113
Company Name: Non-Stop Music Holdings, Inc.
File Number: 333-179167-16
CIK: 0001540130
Company Name: Perfect Game Recording Co LLC
File Number: 333-179167-15
CIK: 0001309859
Company Name: A.P. Schmidt Co
File Number: 333-179167-146
CIK: 0001309987
Company Name: WMG Acquisition Corp
File Number: 333-179167-145
CIK: 0001309883
Company Name: Cota Music, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-144
CIK: 0001309886
Company Name: Cotillion Music, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-143
CIK: 0001309890
Company Name: CRK Music Inc
File Number: 333-179167-142
CIK: 0001309893
Company Name: E/A Music, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-141
CIK: 0001309894
Company Name: Eleksylum Music, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-140
CIK: 0001540133
Company Name: Restless Acquisition Corp.
File Number: 333-179167-14
CIK: 0001309896
Company Name: Elektra Entertainment Group Inc
File Number: 333-179167-139
CIK: 0001309898
Company Name: Elektra Group Ventures Inc
File Number: 333-179167-138
CIK: 0001309901
Company Name: Elektra/Chameleon Ventures Inc
File Number: 333-179167-137
CIK: 0001309904
Company Name: Fiddleback Music Publishing Company, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-136
CIK: 0001309906
Company Name: Foz Man Music LLC
File Number: 333-179167-135
CIK: 0001309907
Company Name: Inside Job, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-134
CIK: 0001309909
Company Name: Intersong U.S.A., Inc
File Number: 333-179167-133
CIK: 0001309910
Company Name: Jadar Music Corp
File Number: 333-179167-132
CIK: 0001309911
Company Name: Lava Trademark Holding CO LLC
File Number: 333-179167-131
CIK: 0001309912
Company Name: LEM America, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-130
CIK: 0001540135
Company Name: Rhino/FSE Holdings, LLC
File Number: 333-179167-13
CIK: 0001309913
Company Name: London-Sire Records Inc
File Number: 333-179167-129
CIK: 0001309914
Company Name: McGuffin Music Inc
File Number: 333-179167-128
CIK: 0001309916
Company Name: Mixed Bag Music, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-127
CIK: 0001309918
Company Name: New Chappell Inc
File Number: 333-179167-126
CIK: 0001310108
Company Name: Nonesuch Records Inc.
File Number: 333-179167-125
CIK: 0001309919
Company Name: NVC International Inc
File Number: 333-179167-124
CIK: 0001309920
Company Name: Octa Music, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-123
CIK: 0001309921
Company Name: Penalty Records L.L.C.
File Number: 333-179167-122
CIK: 0001309922
Company Name: Pepamar Music Corp
File Number: 333-179167-121
CIK: 0001309924
Company Name: Revelation Music Publishing Corp
File Number: 333-179167-120
CIK: 0001540134
Company Name: Rhino Name & Likeness Holdings, LLC
File Number: 333-179167-12
CIK: 0001309925
Company Name: Rhino Entertainment Co
File Number: 333-179167-119
CIK: 0001309926
Company Name: Ricks Music Inc
File Number: 333-179167-118
CIK: 0001309927
Company Name: Rightsong Music Inc
File Number: 333-179167-117
CIK: 0001309928
Company Name: Rodra Music, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-116
CIK: 0001309929
Company Name: Sea Chime Music, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-115
CIK: 0001309877
Company Name: Bute Sound LLC
File Number: 333-179167-114
CIK: 0001309878
Company Name: Cafe Americana Inc
File Number: 333-179167-113
CIK: 0001309879
Company Name: Chappell & Intersong Music Group (Australia) Ltd
File Number: 333-179167-112
CIK: 0001309975
Company Name: WEA Europe Inc
File Number: 333-179167-111
CIK: 0001309973
Company Name: WBR/Sire Ventures Inc
File Number: 333-179167-110
CIK: 0001540126
Company Name: Biz LLC
File Number: 333-179167-11
CIK: 0001309972
Company Name: WBR/Ruffnation Ventures, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-109
CIK: 0001309971
Company Name: WBR/QRI Venture, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-108
CIK: 0001309970
Company Name: WBR Management Services Inc
File Number: 333-179167-107
CIK: 0001309969
Company Name: WBM/House of Gold Music, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-106
CIK: 0001309965
Company Name: WB Gold Music Corp
File Number: 333-179167-105
CIK: 0001309964
Company Name: Warprise Music Inc
File Number: 333-179167-104
CIK: 0001309963
Company Name: Warner/Chappell Music, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-103
CIK: 0001309960
Company Name: Warner-Elektra-Atlantic Corp
File Number: 333-179167-102
CIK: 0001309959
Company Name: Warner Strategic Marketing Inc
File Number: 333-179167-101
CIK: 0001309958
Company Name: WarnerSongs Inc
File Number: 333-179167-100
CIK: 0001540107
Company Name: Maverick Recording Co
File Number: 333-179167-10
CIK: 0001540108
Company Name: Non-Stop Cataclysmic Music, LLC
File Number: 333-179167-09
CIK: 0001540109
Company Name: Non-Stop International Publishing, LLC
File Number: 333-179167-08
CIK: 0001540114
Company Name: Non-Stop Music Library, LC
File Number: 333-179167-07
CIK: 0001540110
Company Name: Non-Stop Music Publishing, LLC
File Number: 333-179167-06
CIK: 0001540111
Company Name: Non-Stop Outrageous Publishing, LLC
File Number: 333-179167-05
CIK: 0001540131
Company Name: Rep Sales, Inc
File Number: 333-179167-04
CIK: 0001540136
Company Name: Rykodisc, Inc.
File Number: 333-179167-03
CIK: 0001540137
Company Name: Rykomusic, Inc.
File Number: 333-179167-02
CIK: 0001540112
Company Name: Non-Stop Productions, LLC
File Number: 333-179167-01