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Yusuf Islam Awarded Prestigious Peace Award


Yusuf Islam is to be awarded the Mediterranean Prize for Peace today January 4, 2007 in Naples, Italy.

Yusuf is being awarded the prestigious award as a result of the work he has done to increase peace in the world.

The Mediterranean Prize has sections for Peace, Culture, Art, Diplomacy, Institutions, Social Promotion, Information, Literature, Cinema, Creativity and Architecture. The prize is assigned each year to personalities of political, cultural, and artistic worlds that contributed with their actions to reduce tensions and begin an upgrading process of cultural differences and shared values in the area of the Greater Mediterranean.

Yusuf recently made a return to the music scene with his first contemporary album for almost 30 years. ‘An Other Cup' was critically acclaimed across the world. The Los Angeles Times described ‘An Other Cup' as ‘vintage Stevens' with The Sunday Times in the UK calling it “an album that stands in comparison with his 1970s peak.”

Source: Atlantic Records Group