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Warner Music International Announces New Central Organisation


Bernd Dopp Named Chairman and CEO, Manfred Lappe Named COO

As part of the Warner Music Group reorganisation, Paul- Rene Albertini, Chairman and CEO Warner Music International (WMI), today announced the creation of a new central organisation, WMI GSA, which will encompass Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

WMI GSA will be run under the strong leadership of a complimentary team. Bernd Dopp, a premier music executive, formerly President of Warner Music Germany, has been appointed Chairman and CEO, GSA reporting directly to Paul-Rene Albertini. Manfred Lappe has been named Chief Operating Officer, GSA, in addition to his current responsibility as President of Warner Music Eastern Europe. Lappe will report directly to Dopp on GSA matters.

"WMI GSA, closely linked with Eastern Europe will create a very large market platform, providing a competitive advantage for global repertoire exploitation. It will also integrate instantly into the recently enlarged EU," said Paul-Rene Albertini. "In the face of extraordinarily challenging market conditions, I am extremely confident in the Dopp/Lappe team. This new organisation enables us to draw upon Bernd's well-known expertise in bringing music to consumers, and Manfred's long track record engineering effective business models into difficult marketplaces."

"I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for WMI GSA. This move enables us to take advantage of a wider range of strategic alliances, and substantially broaden our marketing capabilities," said Bernd Dopp. "As digital sales increase and mobile has proven a viable new business model, I am incredibly optimistic about the future, bringing music to our audiences in as many ways as possible."

"I am looking forward to working with Bernd to lead the new WMI GSA. The combination of our companies in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, into one organisation creates a powerful business opportunity." said Manfred Lappe.

In the new structure, Dopp will oversee all Marketing, A&R, Legal and Business Affairs as well as Warner Chappell Publishing. Lappe will manage all operational functions including Finance, and IT. Human Resources will report to both Dopp and Lappe

Dopp has been President of Warner Music Germany since 2001 and is responsible for local and international successes with artists including, Westernhagen, Sasha, Nena, Seeed, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Linkin Park, and Sean Paul.

Lappe has been President of Warner Music Eastern Europe since 1997. Prior to becoming President, Lappe was Deputy Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer of WEA Germany.

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