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Warner Music International Announces Atlantic Records UK and Warner Bros. Records UK


Paul-Rene Albertini, Chairman and CEO, Warner Music International, and Nick Phillips, Chairman and CEO Warner Music UK, announced today the creation of Atlantic Records UK and Warner Bros. Records UK.

Effective immediately, WMI's record labels East West Records and WEA London Records will become Atlantic Records UK and Warner Bros. Records UK, respectively. Atlantic Records UK will be run under Korda Marshall and Nick Phillips will oversee Warner Bros. Records for an interim period until a new MD is found.

Paul-Rene Albertini commented, "This name change is a clear signal that we want to send out for our newly independent company, that our primary objective is to renew focus on artists and music. Which better names would you dream of calling a record company than Warner Bros. and Atlantic."

Atlantic Records, founded by Ahmet Ertegun in 1947, grew from a groundbreaking, independent R&B and jazz label into one of the world's pre-eminent music companies, establishing icons as Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, John Coltrane and Led Zeppelin. Ahmet himself has been honoured as a "Living Legend" by the United States Library of Congress in 2000.

Warner Bros. Records has a world-class reputation that rests on its artist-friendly policies, long-range career development and visionary approach to discovering and nurturing musical talent. Their roster consists of such greats as Madonna, Linkin Park, REM, Alanis Morissette, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Nick Phillips commented, "Warner Music UK is excited to build on the heritage of two of the strongest record labels in the US, in WMI's most important market. Warner Bros. Records is one of the largest record companies in the US and has become the most successful record label in history, while Atlantic Records has a rich heritage which is second to none."

Korda Marshall said, "I am proud to be running a record company with the history and legacy Ahmet Ertegun brought to the world. It has always been well-known for the unparalleled depth and breadth of talent, and I look forward to continuing to develop great artists who are excited to come to Atlantic."

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