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Warner Music Group Announces Environmental Initiative at Post-Grammy Event

Governor Schwarzenegger Applauds WMG's "Zero Waste" Efforts
NEW YORK, NY, Feb 05, 2008 -- Warner Music Group Corp. (NYSE: WMG) today announced an extension of its environmental program to include a "zero landfill waste" and "carbon-neutral" post-Grammy event. The WMG event will be held immediately following the 50th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 10, 2008.

"Zero waste" entails the elimination of waste in all of its forms (solid waste, emissions, hazardous waste, etc.) through the efficient use of resources and use of environmentally friendly resources.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said, "California has consistently led the nation in environmental protection and we have learned that we can help our environment while at the same time protecting the economy and our lifestyles. I am very pleased that Warner Music Group, working with city, state and local leaders, has taken this issue to heart and is turning consumption into conservation on the important pop culture stage at this 'zero waste' event."

The event will achieve "zero waste" through a variety of green efforts, including: carbon-offsetting the event's energy usage; use of energy efficient lighting and bio-diesel generators; recycled paper products; use of local farmers' markets and vendors; eco-friendly soaps and detergents; invitations printed on 100% recycled paper and manufactured with wind power; and composting of paper and food waste, among other efforts.

California's Integrated Waste Management Board, the City of Los Angeles' Bureau of Sanitation and Athens Services and several local companies and sponsors will partner with WMG.

Lyor Cohen, Chairman and CEO of U.S. Recorded Music, Warner Music Group, said, "On an evening when we have so many industry luminaries celebrating our artists' achievements over the past year, we felt it was equally important to turn the spotlight on the environment and remind others in the industry how they, too, can help promote a more environmentally friendly music business. I also want to thank the City of Los Angeles and all our sponsors who have helped underwrite the event and share our vision for environmental awareness."

Cynthia Ruiz, City of Los Angeles Board of Public Works President, said, "The Department of Public Works is grateful to companies, like Warner Music Group, that do their part in helping the City of Los Angeles become a zero waste city. We hope that everyone -- businesses and residents -- will join in and help us to achieve this very important goal."

Today's announcement represents an extension of Warner Music Group's industry-leading environmental campaign working with key environmental advocacy organizations around the country such as the NRDC and NativeEnergy.

In the program's first phase, WMG converted all CD/DVD products to use 30 percent post-consumer paper packaging; saving nearly 4.7 tons of wood per year. Post-consumer recycled paper is made from wastepaper disposed of by consumers. WMG has also implemented ecologically responsible and efficient paper practices across all of its labels and business units in the United States, including enhanced recycled paper procurement, paper reduction, wastepaper recycling efforts and the conversion of a significant portion of its materials to electronic format, rather than paper. Launched in February 2007, the program was expanded across each of the company's business units later last year.

As part of the program's second phase, the company undertook a comprehensive review of its greenhouse gas emissions with the goal of developing a program to reduce or offset its "carbon footprint." Over the past year, the company's extensive nationwide waste reduction and recycling program has helped save nearly 2,000,000 pounds of solid waste. Together with a number of environmental organizations, WMG is working on carbon dioxide emission reduction as well as the development of an offset program encompassing the company's complete activities -- from new album releases to employees' daily commuting habits.

This marks the second consecutive year that WMG has celebrated this event with an environmentally conscious after-party.

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