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Jay Durgan To Lead Business Development And Strategic Partnership For Warner Music International


In a move to strengthen the company's commitment to developing new business models, Warner Music International, (WMI), today announced that Jay Durgan, will spearhead the company's Business Development and Strategic Partnership division to ensure WMI has the ability to deliver consumers more options in a digital world.

Durgan has been appointed Senior Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, reporting directly to Paul-Rene Albertini, Chairman and CEO, WMI. WMI's business development and strategic partnership team will be at the forefront for developing global strategies and seeking new business opportunities which will provide recurring revenue streams through outlets including online, mobile retail, and partnerships.

"I thank Jay for his outstanding contribution in substantially growing WMI's global repertoire share over the past four years," said Paul-Rene Albertini. "I am confident that Jay will continue to move us forward in innovative ways in his new role. He has been one of the earliest adopters of new distribution channels, and has been instrumental in identifying partners for WMI like Nokia and T-Mobile."

"I am very excited to take a leadership position in bringing a new WMI into a world of tremendous possibilities, many now tangible. We are committed to capturing value via new avenues and this organizational change demonstrates a clear focus on building new business, and hopefully represents a competitive market advantage," said Jay Durgan.

About WMI

Warner Music International, a leading company in national and international repertoire, is headquartered in London and operates through 37 affiliates and numerous licensees in over 50 countries.

Source: Warner Music International