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Asylum Records Signs Agreement With Atlanta Powerhouse Rap Label, ColliPark Music


NEW YORK, NY, Jul 11, 2005 -- Asylum Records, Warner Music Group's (NYSE: WMG) new incubator label designed to provide a variety of services to urban and independent music labels and artists, announced today a multi-faceted agreement with Atlanta-based ColliPark Music to provide marketing, distribution and sales services to ColliPark's roster. The first two artists covered under the agreement are rising stars Homebwoi and Kadalack Boyz.

ColliPark Music was founded by Mr. ColliPark, formerly known as DJ Smurf, who got his start in the music business in 1987. Mr. ColliPark, aka Michael Crooms, signed the smash hit duo Ying Yang Twins in 1997 who currently have the No. 2 album ("United State of Atlanta") in the country with first week sales of more than 200,000 units. He produced the hit singles "Wait (The Whisper Song)" and "Badd" from the Ying Yang Twins' current album as well as the hits "Say I Yi Yi" and "By Myself" from the group's previous albums. DJ Smurf also produced BG's current single "Where Da At" featuring Homebwoi and David Banner's "Play."

In making the announcement, Todd Moscowitz, president, Asylum Records, said, "ColliPark has a proven track record of success with hit artists from Atlanta's vibrant urban music scene. I'm excited about working with DJ Smurf to further develop and support Kadalack Boyz and Homebwoi as well as collaborate on future projects."

Homebwoi, Mr. ColliPark's protege hailing from Griffin, GA, collaborated in the past with the Ying Yang Twins and will be releasing his own new album "No Place Like HOME."

Kadalack Boyz is a six-member rap group breaking through the music scene with their new release "Get 'Em (The Plottin' Song)." Mr. ColliPark created the concept of whispering in rap songs as heard in the Ying Yang Twins hit "Wait (The Whisper Song)" and "Get 'Em" is the second whisper song to be released on ColliPark Music.

"I am thrilled to be working with Todd and Asylum Records," said Mr. ColliPark. "'Wait (The Whisper Song)' was the first song featuring whispering as a musical concept. People think that 'Wait' limits the concept of whispering to the Ying Yang Twins, but we will show that it can be used in many different ways."

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